Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hollywood Pinups Tim White Ashley Mary Kate Olsen
I've always loved the Olsens. I watched their movies; I read their books (my favorite was You're Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley's Hawaiian Luau! - I still have the free pink dolphin necklace). Mind you, this was far before Influence was conceived - my obsession with them as they made their transformation into "fashion icons" (I hesitate to throw those words around too casually) was entirely incidental. I just thought they would make fun friends for playdates and such things.

In fall 2007, I indulged a lifelong dream of mine: dressing up as the Olsen twins for Halloween. Yes, that's right - I was both twins. The original plan was for one of my friends to be my complementary Olsen, but she had to go away the weekend of Halloween, and I was forced to spend most of my day as Ashley ("Mary-Kate was in rehab"), only switching to Mary-Kate mode when it came time to take pictures. Because, well, let's be honest: I always liked Mary-Kate much better. She was cuter and more petite, and she pulled off the pouty face better, and she got the more aesthetically-pleasing nose job. Plus, Ashley's androgynous The Row line had nothing on the sequined girliness of Elizabeth and James. 

Until now.

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