Monday, May 4, 2009

The Fabulous Forties

I love uniforms.

By no means do I love the idea of uniformity, but I simply love uniforms. And if you dig through fashion history for that decade which prized the uniform above all else, you'll come up empty-handed but for the swingin' 1940's, the age of dashing Marines and army nurses, the time when the salute became a veritable dance step. That entire epoch was dominated by feminine yet minimalist Utility Clothing, and what was left behind when the war was over was a nationwide obsession with clean tailoring and structure. (Symbolic much?)

Now, I dig absolutely all of it: pleats, pompadours, starflower hairpieces, hourglass silhouettes. Perhaps I was a USO girl in my last life, one who married the handsomest soldier in a B. Altman and Co. rayon gown with a basque waist and broad shoulders.

If you are as fascinated by Christian Dior and his New Look designs as I am, I suggest you check out the Costume Institute's extensive collection of his iconic late-forties pieces.

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