Sunday, July 19, 2009

Joyeuz Quatorze Juillet! (Francophilia, Continued)

Sorry, again, for my tardiness. I should have posted this earlier (even though, as you know, I stopped posting for about two months), but happy Bastille Day to all mes lecteurs français. . . et mes lecteurs francophiles, comme moi!
Joyeuz Quatorze Juillet!

Friday, July 17, 2009

La Nouvelle Epoque

I already mentioned how bummed I am to have missed the Nouvelle Èpoque Cabaret-Salon at The Players NYC, but I'm confident this won't be the last the world sees of Belle Epoque fashion. As the Times wrote in its review, "the 1920's to 40's are so totally over, darling." It pains me to say goodbye to the Mary Janes of the twenties and drop-waist sashes, to utility clothing and rag curls, but the early 1900's are so hot right now.
Look, here's how I see it: the farther forward in time the edgy designers take their inspiration, the farther back in time the nostalgic designers go. (And you probably don't even need me to tell you which designers I like better.)
There has to be an equilibrium, you see: with all these bleached eyebrows and shrouded faces and bizarre lace-up pumps on one side, there has to be some hardcore antiquey-ness going on at the other extreme, to balance it out. So bring on the corsets, the bustles, the plumes, the poufs, the tea gowns, the Edwardian hats. Let's give a nice, hearty shout-out to the turn of the twentieth century before we wrap up the turn of the twenty-first.

Emma Watson College Hunt: And the Winner Is. . .

You heard it here first! Well, second. But Miss Emma "New Face of Chanel" Watson has finally spoken: she will be joining, along with Scout Willis and my friends Georgia and Matt, the Brown University class of 2013.

I hope none of you were as foolish as I to believe that the Charlotte E. Watson listed in the Columbia student directory was Emma herself, enrolled as a grad school student. At least I had an excuse - wishful thinking! I mean, hello, I'm going to Barnard in the fall. Barnard is a part of Columbia University (see the Wikipedia page for the technicalities), so my overeager gullibility should thus be reason enough. What's your excuse, Perez Hilton?

In other Emma Watson news, you should all go see Half-Blood Prince IMMEDIATELY!

Happy (Belated) Birthday to Me!

I'm eighteen!

This is actually semi-old news. I turned eighteen on Monday, July 13, ringing in my newfound freedom in true style with an Elizabeth O'Brien Berg bathing suit and a day at the shore (that's the Jersey Shore to you).

I know, I know - I'm not supposed to be posting this summer. But doesn't reaching the age of majority call for a bit of general blogging boastfulness? I can vote! I can buy a lottery ticket or a cigarette (in New York, at least)! Unfortunately, I can't do the only thing that actually matters: attend the Nouvelle Epoque Cabaret-Salon VIP reception unless they're planning to lower the drinking age in the next eight hours. Or someone can get me a damn good fake ID. Just kidding. . .