Friday, July 17, 2009

Emma Watson College Hunt: And the Winner Is. . .

You heard it here first! Well, second. But Miss Emma "New Face of Chanel" Watson has finally spoken: she will be joining, along with Scout Willis and my friends Georgia and Matt, the Brown University class of 2013.

I hope none of you were as foolish as I to believe that the Charlotte E. Watson listed in the Columbia student directory was Emma herself, enrolled as a grad school student. At least I had an excuse - wishful thinking! I mean, hello, I'm going to Barnard in the fall. Barnard is a part of Columbia University (see the Wikipedia page for the technicalities), so my overeager gullibility should thus be reason enough. What's your excuse, Perez Hilton?

In other Emma Watson news, you should all go see Half-Blood Prince IMMEDIATELY!


  1. she looks fantastic in that dress.
    love your header :)

  2. That would be awesome if she was attending. Love those pics.

  3. Half-Blood Prince was fantastic!
    Emma Watson is so beautiful.

  4. This dress is simply amazing !