Tuesday, May 5, 2009


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I've begun to question my loyalties to the anorexic twin. Despite being more attention-grabbing, Mary-Kate and her (in)famous style are really much less interesting. It's all sequins and prints and layers. It's empty. Ashley, meanwhile, understands taste. Class.

In fact, style.com bestowed upon Ashley, but not her twinly counterpart, the honor of being one of four Featured Photo Searches, along with Tinsley, Kanye, and Karl ("not that we're picking sides," they said. Sure...). Granted, I'm not one to agree with everything style.com says or does. But it made me think for a moment...

And then... BOOM.

Look at that picture. Look at it! That's Ashley. Fucking. Olsen. Ashley! At last night's Costume Institute Gala! Looking like a girl!

Perhaps it's the presence of a long-overdue boyfriend, but Ashley is glowing - sparkling, even. With her convenient placement next to a tall person and not her own tiny sister (fraternal, not identical!), Ashley looks quite petite herself. And her hair looks fantastic.

My formerly-preferred Olsen, meanwhile, was having a romp around the red carpet dressed as a granny-boho pirate wench. No surprise there...

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