Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hearts & Kisses

This lovely picture is from Knight Cat, and I think it captures the general feel I'm going for with this blog. You see, I have this other blog that documents my unbridled girliness, but as I college looms in the distance (Barnard '13, bitches!), I've subconsciously started gravitating towards things that are still girly but girly in older and more mature ways. My love for colors will never really fade completely (I hope), but I pride myself on my ability to be a color chameleon, and I feel that New York City calls for creams and ivories, espressos and golds, hunters and emeralds, and - of course - black(s).
I'll be keeping the ruffles, bows, and heart sunglasses, but I could never give pale candy pinks and lavenders and mint greens the love they deserve in such a studious and academic setting. So though I'll always love Luisa Beccaria, Peter Jensen, and Luella Bartley, I'm moving onto Sonia Rykiel, Charles Anastase, and Zac Posen.

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